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Automatic Gate System: Best Material to Choose?

Gate Automatic System

If you’re thinking about installing an automatic gate system at your home’s doorway or driveway, you need to choose the type, material and color of the gate. Reality, a durable and suitable material makes your home more beautiful and modern. In this article, we delve into analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various materials to help homeowners make informed decisions.

Material for Automatic Gate System

Automatic gate system are available in a variety of materials such as steel, wood, PVC… Choosing a type of material based on personal preferences, budget, and property style. Here are some common materials used for automatic gates:


Industrial Tubular Steel Fencing

Steel is one of the most popular material choices today because of its clear advantages.

  • Advantages: One of the key factors is the durability and flexibility of steel material. Homeowners don’t need to worry about corrosion with steel. Furthermore, steel materials ease mass production and prefabrication and have a variety of designs and colors. Ease of cleaning is also one of the reasons why steel material in automatic gate system is always popular. You can easily clean any dirt on steel gates with just a cloth.
  • Disadvantages: On the other hand, steel gates have some drawbacks.  Steel gates may need occasional maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion, especially in humid or marine environments. Moreover, the materials for steel structures may incur higher initial costs compared to those for traditional construction materials.


steel fencing and gate

Aluminum materials are considered to be lighter than steel materials.

  • Advantages: Aluminum materials have numerous advantages such as colorful decoration, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and seismic resistance,… Additionally, Aluminum also has excellent waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion properties, ensuring the durability of this material. Due to its lightweight, easy processing, and shaping, aluminum gates are easy to install and repair. Additionally, Aluminum automatic gate system come in various styles, providing you with more options to choose from. 
  • Disadvantages: The drawback of aluminum plates is their insufficient resistance to deformation. It’s important to note that aluminum is a softer metal and therefore more susceptible to dings and dents.


  • Advantages: With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can easily mix and match to fit the tone of your home. You can find favorite colors with Colorbond material that may not be available in other materials, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. An important point about this material is its fire protection. Colorbond has relatively high durability and can last over 20 years.  Plus, maintaining cleanliness is quite straightforward, regular cleaning with a hose is usually sufficient to keep it looking great.
  • Disadvantages: Due to the diversity in design options and higher aesthetic appeal compared to traditional gate types, Colorbond gates are an option with a higher price point. 



  • Advantages: Wooden automatic gate system exude classic charm and authenticity; therefore they are an excellent choice for nature lovers with high aesthetic appeal. For some households, a natural style is desirable, and a wooden garden gate offers a more natural look than other options. These types of gates are more susceptible to long-term damage from harsh weather conditions, but this can be prevented with the correct treatments. 
  • Disadvantages: Wood automatic gate system have lower durability compared to other materials such as steel or aluminum. If the weather is excessively dry, wood gate may fade, crack and warp. Conversely, in humid or marine environments, wood gates are more prone to rot and damage. But if you choose the right type of wood, wood gates can be low-maintenance. It’s worth noting that the lifespan of wood gates is not high, meaning they are prone to damage from harsh weather. 


pvc fencing

  • Advantages: PVC automatic gate system are one of the best choices for low-maintenance gates. Unlike wood gates that require regular painting, staining, and sealing, PVC gates do not need such treatments. The material is resistant to warping, discoloration, and rot, ensuring exceptional durability. High- quality PVC is capable of enduring severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds, and intense sunlight. PVC gates offer a wide range of styles and allow for customization.
  • Disadvantages: An important factor to consider when choosing PVC gates is the relatively higher initial installation costs compared to traditional gates. In general, PVC material is not environmentally friendly because PVC is a type of plastic.


The analyses of the materials used in gates will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Based on considerations of durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal of each material, you can make an informed evaluation and decision when installing an automatic gate system at your home’s doorway or driveway. However, it’s also important to consider your needs, preferences, and budget. 

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