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Top thing about Driveway Gate Automation that You Need to Know

There is no doubt that driveway gate automation is unrivaled in terms of convenience. Whether it is for your residence or a business establishment, the enhanced security and effortless access it provides are truly transformative. To help you prepare for your upgrade, here is essential information about driveway gate automation that you should know.

How Does Driveway Gate Automation Work?

Driveway gate automation involves the installation of a gate operator, which enables the remote control opening and closing of sliding or swing gates.

In the case of a swing gate, the gate operator is connected to the gate using an arm mechanism. For a sliding gate, a chain drive is utilized to link the gate operator and the gate.

When a programmed device, such as a remote, fob, or keypad, triggers the gate operator, it initiates the movement of opening or closing the gate. While the concept seems straightforward, there are important considerations to keep in mind before embarking on automating all your gates.

What Do You Need to Automate a Driveway Gate?

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To successfully automate a driveway gate, there are several essential requirements to consider:

A gate in good condition

The gate should be in suitable condition for automation. Certain types of gates, such as rolling gates or ornamental gates without a flush bottom, may not be safely automated. If necessary, you may need to replace the gate to make it compatible with automation.

Adequate power supply

Ensure that you have a suitable power supply near the gate. Gate operators are available in different voltages and single or three-phase options. It is important to match the power supply with the voltage requirements of the gate operator.

Conduit for double gates

If you plan to automate a double gate, you will need to install conduit beneath the gate. This allows for the connection of power and communication between the operators on each side of the gate.

Appropriate gate operator

Select a gate operator that is suitable for your specific requirements. Gate operators come in different sizes, with various horsepower ratings, and are designed for specific gate weights and duty cycles. Choosing an undersized or underpowered gate operator will result in ineffective operation.

Site inspection by a professional

It is recommended to have a trained and skilled professional visit your location for a site inspection. They can assess the specific requirements of your driveway gate automation project, suggest appropriate equipment, and provide accurate cost estimates.

By considering these factors and seeking expert advice, you can ensure a successful driveway gate automation project tailored to your needs.

Some Problems with Driveway Gate Automation

While many gates can be automated, there are certain issues that may need to be addressed before installing a gate and gate operator:

  • Power supply: If there is no existing power supply at the gate location, you will need to hire a qualified electrical company to run power to the area. Gate automation companies typically do not handle this aspect of the installation. Additionally, the connection of the gate operator to the power supply will require the expertise of an electrician.
  • Solar power limitations: Although some installations can utilize solar power for gate automation, it may not always be a reliable or recommended solution. Factors such as limited sunlight exposure or high power requirements of the gate operator may make solar power impractical.
  • Uneven terrain or steep drop-offs: If the entrance area has a steep drop-off or uneven terrain, adjustments may need to be made during the gate installation process. This could involve using longer posts or modifying the gate design. It is important to have a level area for proper gate automation, and earthworks may be necessary to achieve this.

By conducting a thorough site visit prior to the driveway gate automation project, the professional providing the quote can assess the specific requirements and explain any necessary modifications or preparations that need to be undertaken.

How Do Driveway Gate Operators Open and Close?

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Driveway gate operators are motorized devices that open and close the gate in response to signals they receive. However, peripheral equipment is required to send these signals to the gate operator. Some common types of peripheral equipment include:

  • Remotes: These handheld devices, often referred to as remotes or fobs, have one or more buttons that transmit a signal to the gate operator to open or close the gate.
  • Keypads or card readers: Keypads require the entry of a specific code, while card readers utilize swipe cards or key fobs to grant access. These devices send the necessary signal to the gate operator to activate the gate.
  • Intercoms: Intercom systems allow communication between individuals outside the gate and those inside a building. By using a handset, the person inside can trigger the gate to open upon verification or request.
  • Entry and exit loops: Entry and exit loops consist of electromagnets buried in the ground near the gate. When a vehicle or object passes over the loop, it generates an electromagnetic field that triggers the gate to open or close.

It is common for people to combine multiple types of gate peripherals and entry systems to create a customized setup that meets their specific needs. For example, a property owner may choose keypad entry for access to the property while incorporating a free exit loop for easy exit without the need for inputting a code.

Pentagon Fencing & Gate Install Driveway Gate Automation

Pentagon Fencing & Gate specializes in the installation of driveway gate automation. With their expertise, they provide professional services to automate and secure driveway entrances. From gate operators to peripheral equipment, they offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet individual needs. Whether residential or commercial, Pentagon Fencing & Gate is dedicated to delivering efficient and reliable driveway gate automation installations.

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